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Northfield Town Centre. original image copyright Adrian Bailey. Image (cropped and resized Brumagem) licensed for reuse udner the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License

Northfield Town Centre. Image by Adrian Bailey under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0 License

The Northfield ward is in south-west Birmingham, roughly five miles from the city centre. It is flanked by the Bournville ward, the Kings Norton ward, the Longbridge ward, the Weoley ward and the Bromsgrove District of Worcestershire.

The Northfield ward contains the areas of Northfield Town, Turves Green and West Heath.

Demographics Northfield: There are approximately 25,000 people resident in the Northfield ward. The population density is roughly 45 persons per hectare compared to an average of around 36.5 for Birmingham as a whole. The ward has an approximate average age of 39 compared to 36 for the city as a whole.

The white British population accounts for around 86% of all residents. Approximately 1.5% of the population are of Asian origin with roughly 1% from India and 0.5% from Pakistan. Around 1.5% of the population is black, including 1% of Afro-Caribbean descent. 8% are white non-British (including Irish), 2% are of mixed background, and 1% are of Chinese origin or belong to some other ethnic group.

These estimates may differ from official census data which is now several years out of date and which was collated in respect of different ward boundaries.

Housing Northfield: Northfield was an historic village in rural Worcestershire until the early 20th century when the Austin assembly plant was built at nearby Longbridge and the Kalamazoo Works opened alongside the Birmingham and Gloucester railway.

The old village, characterised by stone cottages and Victorian country houses, has been preserved as a conservation area. It is surrounded by a commercial centre on the Bristol Road and a belt of suburban housing, mainly consisting of inter-war semi-detached pairs.

Council estates were constructed after 1945, particularly at West Heath and Turves Green. Both areas feature a large number of terraces and semi-detached houses. 

West Heath also contains a high-density private estate, built on the former grounds of West Heath Hospital, and areas of modern detached housing. Turves Green contains nine residential towers, several blocks of low-rise flats, and an estate of pre-fabricated bungalows and brick semi-detached pairs, known as the Austin Village, that was built to house munitions workers during the First World War.

The rate of owner occupation in Northfield is around 67%. Roughly 4% of homes are rented from private landlords and around 28% from the local authority or housing associations.


Green = open spaces, purple = mainly retail/offices etc. brown = trading/industrial estates

Politics Northfield: Northfield is one of forty wards in Birmingham that each elect three councillors. The Northfield ward is currently represented by Randal Brew (Conservative), Reg Corns (Conservative), and Les Lawrence (Conservative).

Northfield and the wards of Longbridge, Kings Norton and Weoley collectively form the council constituency of Northfield to whose district committee the City Council has devolved the management of some local services.

The council constituency of Northfield is also a parliamentary constituency that elects one MP to the UK Parliament in Westminster. The current Member of Parliament for the Northfield parliamentary constituency, including the Northfield council ward, is Richard Burden (Labour).

Economy Northfield: The workless rate (economically inactive of working age) in the Northfield ward is roughly 20% compared to an average of around 23% for Birmingham as a whole.

0% of the ward is amongst the 5% most deprived areas in England; 13% is amongst the 10% most deprived areas in England; and 29% is amongst the 20% most deprived areas in England (how is deprivation measured?).

The major employers are the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (NHS = 950), Kalamazoo (software solutions = 600), Rudolph & Hellman (Automotive Logistics =130), Benefits Agency (130), Turves Green Girls School (120), Northfield Job Centre (80). These figures are estimates only.

Green Spaces Northfield: Open spaces in the Northfield ward include Daffidol Park, Winchester Gardens, Cofton Common, Victoria Common, Longbridge Lane Sports Ground, West Heath Recreation Ground, Hole Lane Bourn Walkway; and

 Verstone Croft, Clunbury Road Allotments, Cofton Road Allotments, Coney Green Drive Allotments, West Heath Allotments, the Fairfax Public Open Space, Laughton Close Public Open Space, Mill Lane Public Open Space; and

 Popes Lane Public Open Space, Staplehall Farm Public Open Space, Turves Green Public Open Space, Willets Road Public Open Space, Wychall Farm Public Open Space and the Woodlands Tennis Club.

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